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Facebook has VR plans for your virtual office, with smart glasses coming soon

Post Date: Friday, January 15, 2021

Facebook Reality Labs head Andrew Bosworth discusses why identity in Oculus is so Facebook-centric, how that will change, and when to expect neural input tech. (Spoiler alert: Not this year.)

After a 2020 that went entirely virtual for many people, once-fantastic concepts like VR headsets and remote chat screens (including Facebook Portal) no longer seem so strange. In many ways, Facebook's product lineup ended up being prophetic for the times we now live in.

Last fall,  Facebook launched its impressive Quest 2 VR headset. So, in 2021, what comes next? The company plans to release its first smartglasses this year, in a partnership with glasses-maker Luxottica. But those won't be the advanced reality-blending glasses you might be expecting. 

Meanwhile, Facebook's new Facebook-mandatory VR login process frustrated many customers (and developers) in 2020. Facebook doesn't have plans to change that, but there may be changes to how flexible your Facebook identity could be. And the Quest is finally allowing multiple accounts soon. But how much will people trust Facebook as the broker of their virtual universe?

Andrew Bosworth, the head of Facebook Reality Labs (which runs all of Facebook's VR and AR efforts), spoke with me about the company's 2021 mission statement, what comes next, and when we could see neural input devices emerge.