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Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has signed an agreement with CBE Birr to purchase agricultural inputs.

Post Date: Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has signed an agreement with Green Agro Solution to purchase agricultural inputs in CBE Birr. The agreement will enable CBE Birr to integrate the service of seed, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides with the help of Green Agro Solution 'Agricultural' application through CBE Birr. He said the service is part of the Bank's ongoing efforts to develop a time-saving and time-saving payment system that benefits all segments of society.According to Yohannes, the service will enable farmers to go to the bank branch to withdraw cash and purchase agricultural inputs without having to spend cash and trade. The president announced.Representing Green Agro Solutions, Abraham Andrias, Founder and Director General of the Enterprise, on his part said the agreement with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, a state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art service, will further enhance the distribution of agricultural inputs. As a result, it will enable them to play their part in increasing the country's agricultural production and productivity, he said.State Minister of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Ahmedin Ahmed, who attended the signing ceremony, said the government is formulating and implementing a digital transformation policy. He commended the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia's efforts to modernize its payment system, adding that the service provided by CBE Birr in connection with Green Agro Solutions will greatly benefit farmers.He said CBE Birr and agricultural agents attended the program and shared their experiences. The number of customers using the service has increased to five million due to the convenience of users who are able to make phone and other service payments through mobile phones.