Head Line News :- Ethiopia to Host the 17th Innovation Africa Digital Summit


An International Summit that focuses on the need for improved Access, Engagement and Retention, using ICT as an enabler will take place in Addis on the 10th –

11th  June 2019.

The 17th annual Innovation Africa Digital summit (IADs) is designed to attract ICT policy makers regulators, service providers and major organisations across Africa.

The summit will enable Policy makers and Regulators to assess how they can develop a fertile environment to support the growth of Telecoms and ICT while service providers and large organisations will explore best practices and latest technology developments to improve their services, stakeholder engagement and customer retention.

It is expected that the participation of these key stakeholders on this summit will, in turn, attract the international solution providers, vendors, investors and high tech companies to explore opportunity for business development and to meet their potential and existing clients in a way to drive adoption of their platforms and services optimization.



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